Jul 232011

Queen Alia International Airport is the point of entry into Jordan for most (if not all) international flights. I arrived in Amman via JFK in New York at 4:00pm on 4/16/2008 after a 10 hour flight. Not bad considering the flight was scheduled for 11 hours and a 5:15 arrival time! Getting a visa at the airport is a breeze, with the visa counter immediately before you upon entering the terminal. A short line and 10 JD (1.42 USD = 1 JD) later and you’re in! Jordanian Dinar is the only accepted currency for obtaining your visa, but fear not, for a currency exchange booth is right next to the counter. Try to only change what you need at the airport though, as exchange rates are typically better at the banks downtown. Waiting at the terminal exit, eager taxi drivers are the main transportation option into town, and 30 minutes and 10-12 JD later you’re in downtown Amman. Continue reading »